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A4 20-page glossy 'keepsake booklet' by founder and editor of music site '', 'Paul Sinclair', signed by the author in a limited edition of 500 copies.

'I was lucky enough to see Kate Bush's Before The Dawn three times, including the very last concert of the run on 1 October of that year, and in this exclusive SDE publication I will be taking you on a personal journey, reflecting all aspects of Before The Dawn; the surprise announcement, the press frenzy, the build up, the anticipation, the expectation, and finally the concerts themselves; what it was like to actually be there and see Kate perform many of her best songs live, for the very first time.

Additionally, the booklet will include my full interview with Before The Dawn guitarist David Rhodes (best known for his work with Peter Gabriel), conducted only a few weeks after the record-breaking series of concerts were completed. David goes into fascinating detail about how he got the job, the rehearsal period, songs that almost made it onto the set list and what it was like to play with Kate on stage every night during that late summer of 2014!

Finally, this Before The Dawn booklet boasts a specially commissioned front cover. The supremely talented British artist Helen Green – probably best known for her fabulous David Bowie artwork – has woven the various aspects of the show together with a stunning visual that features a central portrait of Kate framed by elements that include her son Bertie (in front of a blood-red moon), David Rhodes on guitar and Kate herself in the water'.