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Kate Bush Collectibles has been devised and created to capture the full range of Kate Bush collectibles - records, promos, memorabilia, tour items, posters, fanzines; anything and everything that a Kate collector may collect or covet. From standard 7" singles with their multiple variations, to privately pressed or gifted CDs or prints, all will eventually be catalogued with full details and images.

Kate Bush Collectibles launches with thousands of items already submitted, extracted not only from the site owner's personal collection but also from multiple public sources - collecting sites, historical sales data, social media groups, auction houses and internet discoveries. Where known, credits (and links) to the originator or owner (individual or site) have been included. These are constantly updated so please make contact if you wish to query any entry or have a credit updated (or removed).

In some cases, there exists no known image of a submission, or just one very poor image. As a community site, submissions from all collectors are welcome, whether images, new items, clarifications or comments. Together we can build an essential resource, so please do get in touch via

There exist already some wonderful Kate sites, which have helped greatly in compiling the data for Kate Bush Collectibles and are worthy of regular visit:

Kate Bush News - regular news and updates

Kate Bush - A Collection - in German, the personal collection of Michael Guth

Kate Bush Encyclopedia - everything you ever wanted to know

The World Of Kate Bush - a detailed collecting blog by Rinfy The Gypsy

All We Ever Look For - a comprehensive Japanese collectibles site

KateBush.PL - in Polish, a collecting site with additional other content

Kate Bush: The Single File - the original (now archived) pictorial discography

Kate Bush Clippings - an incredible magazine resource

GaffaWeb - comprehensive Kate news archives

Kate Bush Collectibles continues to be regularly updated. A continuing priority is the upgrading of poor images (scanning and editing) and your input is welcome, so please do get in touch via

If you enjoy this work please also consider other ways in which you can engage with and support the site:

Ko-fi - buy me a virtual beverage and contribute towards monthly running costs.

Instagram - look at some pictures.

Dedicated to the memory of Lise Gerrard.