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BBC Christmas Show 1979

  • CD-1 Intro - Violin
  • CD-2 Satie's Gymnopédie No. 1
  • CD-3 Symphony In Blue
  • CD-4 Them Heavy People
  • CD-5 A Cappella Introduction
  • CD-6 Here Comes The Flood (With Peter Gabriel)
  • CD-7 The Ran Tan Waltz
  • CD-8 December Will Be Magic Again
  • CD-9 The Wedding List
  • CD-10 Another Day (With Peter Gabriel)
  • CD-11 Egypt
  • CD-12 The Man With The Child In His Eyes
  • CD-13 Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake

Live Rarities 1982-'87

  • CD-14 The Wedding List (Princes Trust 1982 With P. Townshend)
  • CD-15 Breathing (Comic Relief Benefit 1986)
  • CD-16 "Do Bears Shalala In The Woods (With Rowan Atkinson)
  • CD-17 Hounds Of Love (Tipi Awards 1986)
  • CD-18 Running Up That Hill (Amnesty 87 With David Gilmour)

Japanese Fan Club Footage 1978

  • CD-19 Kate & John C. Bush Message For Japanese Fan
  • CD-20 Let It Be (Aid Of Bill Duffield Concert '79)

Promo Video Sampler '78-'82

  • DVD-1-1 Wuthering Heights
  • DVD-1-2 Comments 1: What's The Story Behind Wuthering Heights?
  • DVD-1-3 Them Heavy People
  • DVD-1-4 Comments 2: First Recording Session
  • DVD-1-5 The Man With The Child In His Eyes
  • DVD-1-6 Hammer Horror
  • DVD-1-7 Wow
  • DVD-1-8 Comments 3: Do You Enjoy Being Famous?
  • DVD-1-9 Breathing
  • DVD-1-10 Babooshka
  • DVD-1-11 Comments 4: What's Your Most Successful Video To Date, In Your Opinion?
  • DVD-1-12 Army Dreamers
  • DVD-1-13 Comments 5: What About Happiness
  • DVD-1-14 Sat In You Lap
  • DVD-1-15 The Dreaming
  • DVD-1-16 Suspended In Gaffa
  • DVD-1-17 There Goes A Tenner

BBC Christmas Show '79

  • DVD-1-18 Violin
  • DVD-1-19 Satie's Gymnopédie No. 1
  • DVD-1-20 Symphony In Blue
  • DVD-1-21 Them Heavy People
  • DVD-1-22 A Cappella Introduction
  • DVD-1-23 Here Comes The Flood (With Peter Gabriel)
  • DVD-1-24 The Ran Tan Waltz
  • DVD-1-25 December Will Be Magic Again
  • DVD-1-26 The Wedding List
  • DVD-1-27 Another Day (With Peter Gabriel)
  • DVD-1-28 Egypt
  • DVD-1-29 The Man With The Child In His Eyes
  • DVD-1-30 Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake

Video Sampler '85-'86 & TV Live Rarities '78-'87

  • DVD-2-1 Running Up That Hill (Promo Video Clip 1985 August)
  • DVD-2-2 Hounds Of Love (Promo Video Clip 1985 Sept)
  • DVD-2-3 Cloudbusting (Promo Video Clip 1985 Sept)
  • DVD-2-4 The Big Sky (Promo Video Clip 1985 Sept)
  • DVD-2-5 Experiment IV (Promo Video Clip 1986 Oct)
  • DVD-2-6 Experiment IV (BBC1 The Wagon Show 31/10/1984)
  • DVD-2-7 Don't Give Up (With Peter Gabriel) (Peter Gabriel Promo Video Clip 1986 Nov)
  • DVD-2-8 "Do Bears Shalala In The Woods?
  • DVD-2-9 Running Up That Hill (BBC 1 The Wagon Show 5/11/1985)
  • DVD-2-10 Running Up That Hill( BBC1 Top Of The Pops 23/6/1985
  • DVD-2-11 Running Up That Hill (David Gilmour March 1987)
  • DVD-2-12 Hounds Of Love (BBC1 Top Of The Pops 86)
  • DVD-2-13 Hounds Of Love (BBC1 Awards 10/2/86)
  • DVD-2-14 Under The Ivy (Performance From Abbey Road Studios)
  • DVD-2-15 There Goes A Tenner (UK Tune 21/9/82
  • DVD-2-16 The Wedding List (Princes Trust Concert 1982 With Pete Townsend
  • DVD-2-17 Babooshka (March 20, 1980)
  • DVD-2-18 Army Dreamers Countdown 16/10/1980)
  • DVD-2-19 Wow (BBC1 Abba Special 21/4/1979)
  • DVD-2-20 Wow (Promo Video Clip 1978 Nov)
  • DVD-2-21 Wuthering Heights (BBC1 Top Of The Pops 16/5/1978)

Bonus DVD: BBC Christmas Show '79

  • DVD-3-1 Intro - Violin
  • DVD-3-2 Satie's Gymnopédie No. 1
  • DVD-3-3 Symphony In Blue
  • DVD-3-4 Them Heavy People
  • DVD-3-5 A Cappella Introduction
  • DVD-3-6 Here Comes The Flood (Aith Peter Gabriel)
  • DVD-3-7 The Ran Tan Waltz
  • DVD-3-8 December Will Be Magic Again
  • DVD-3-9 The Wedding List
  • DVD-3-10 Another Day (With Peter Gabriel)
  • DVD-3-11 Egypt
  • DVD-3-12 The Man With The Child In His Eyes
  • DVD-3-13 Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake

Unofficial 1 x CD-R and 3 x NTSC DVD-R package in jewel case with inserts, comprising mixed live and commercial soundtracks and videos.


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